Human Rights Foundation of South Africa

The Human Rights Foundation of South Africa in partnership with the South African Department of Justice and Constitutional Development and the European Union launched the “Socio-economic Justice for All” program in South Africa. The programme is results-driven and aims to capacitate government in realising its mandate of ensuring that socio-economic rights delivery reaches the most vulnerable and marginalised members of our society.

Intergroup was tasked with creating a meaningful name and brand experience for the project that would speak to the type of diverse cultural society, uniquely found in South Africa.

Amarightza is a coined name with distinctive colloquial and vernacular nuances. “Ama” in Zulu refers to the “collective you” that is suggestive of our rights in South Africa.

“Life is a circle and we as humans are created to stand in it, and not on it” was the thought behind the creative idea. The dot on the “i” in the Amarightza word mark was highlighted with a yellow circle (symbolising trust, loyalty, wisdom and hope). This icon serves as the circle of trust that will be symbolically used in various brand activations to educate South Africans about their basic human rights.

The programme was launched in December 2014 at Constitutional Hill. It was endorsed by various government ministers who all emphasised the urgent need for human rights education in a context of continued racial, economic and religious divides and increasing inequality.

“Life is a circle and we as humans are created to stand in it and not on it”

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