Johannesburg Stock Exchange

The JSE, Johannesburg Stocks Exchange, has changed it’s look.

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) was established in 1887 and is the largest exchange on the African continent. Being a monopoly, the JSE had never considered their brand as a selling point to clients. However, in realising that their hold on the market had begun to dwindle due to the evolving investment capability of banks, it was determined that the JSE would need to reposition itself in a manner that would not only attract new business, but also entrench the Exchange as the investment platform of choice.

Intergroup conducted an extensive brand audit with clients, employees and other stakeholders. A refreshed brand strategy was designed to inform the forward direction the brand needed to follow, in order to position itself as the leading African exchange and a trusted investment platform driven for stakeholder growth.

Creative insight complimented the strategic thinking by tangibly demonstrating how the JSE would provide clients with a platform to grow their wealth. Through smart creative and strategic collaboration the brand proposition, ‘Driven for your Growth’ was created.

A refreshed visual identity, logo and digital strategy completed the rebrand to create an investment platform that is dynamic, modern and accessible.

The rebranding and repositioning of the JSE was well received within the organisation, the media and the public. Perceived as being brought into the 21st century, the JSE’s role to act as a link between listed companies, investors, global markets and digital technology was realised.

“Thank you Interbrand Africa (now Intergroup Brand Consulting) for assisting us with our journey and enlightening us to the importance of our brand in a competitive environment.” We revealed the new JSE brand to all JSE employees yesterday, and there was an overwhelmingly positive response from staff. They loved the new logo and its modern look, and not one person wish we had stayed with the X.

Just wanted to let you know and say a big thank you and well done to your entire team!”

Zeona Jacobs: Director Issuer and Investor relations

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