Phambili Mzansi

Making a difference.

Phambili Mzansi originated from a progressive conversation between four close friends. The question raised: “Why do African states fail?” The answer that was brought forward in the case of South Africa looked at three main elements:

  • the generational change in leadership,
  • the development of our young South African leaders, and
  • the transferring of wisdom.

Determined to be the change they wanted to see for the African continent, and South Africa in particular, Phambili Mzansi was created with the intention to facilitate positive and progressive intergenerational conversation and where wisdom and energy can be shared.

Intergroup was approached to assist in building a brand aligned with the dream of creating a NPO that truly made a difference to the social situations of the South African youth. The aim was to join South Africa’s leaders and the youth in finding solutions to the most pressing issues as well as to create actionable plans.

The creative idea was inspired from the lines of the South African flag. Building on the concept of ‘convergence of diversity’ the shape was flipped vertically to represent advancement to greater heights. The new logo represents unity, support and change.

The brand was successfully launched and attracted large-scale business partners that included a significant South African bank, the Gauteng provincial government and a global consulting firm.

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